We harness cutting-edge computer-aided systems to craft precise patterns and markers, guaranteeing that every garment we produce is an exact replica of our approved samples. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our use of fabrics, ensuring minimal wastage.

Our team comprises seasoned experts who are dedicated to delivering on our promises with the highest degree of precision, efficiency, and care, whether crafting patterns and markers for samples or handling bulk production.



Our Cutting department is furnished with state-of-the-art Cutting Machines, ensuring the utmost precision and accuracy in the cutting process while minimizing fabric wastage and reducing labor hours.

We rely on sophisticated and advanced machinery sourced from Japan to deliver on our promises. Our operations include the use of Automatic Fabric Spreading machines and computerized marking and cutting systems, all working in harmony to achieve the desired results.



Our sewing floors are equipped with both quantitative and qualitative facilities, enabling us to produce 1 to 1.2 million garments monthly, depending on SMV. We boast 700 Japanese-brand machines with automatic features, including thread cutting and trimming. Specialized machinery like PICOT, FAGOT, ZIGZAG, FEED-OFF-THE-ARM, and ELASTIC INSERTING is also available. Our sewing floors are under constant surveillance by highly skilled QA Staff and IE Personnel to ensure perfection and meet all workmanship standards.



Our finishing department is equipped with state-of-the-art Steam Press Irons featuring Vacuum Tables. In addition, we have a range of other cutting-edge finishing machines, including needle search machines, Thread Blowing devices, Stain Removing equipment, Carton Box Striping machines, Fusing machines, and various other essential tools to ensure that our finishing processes consistently meet the high-quality standards expected by our valued customers.

Our team of dedicated and highly trained professionals oversees the meticulous finishing of garments, ensuring that each piece is completed in accordance with our customers' specific requirements and adheres to our strict code of conduct.